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Paul Ray – Shropshires Top Comedy Magician

I am a Professional Shropshire Entertainer/Magician and based in Shrewsbury, West Midlands.

I grew up in a magical family, in fact when I was a toddler my Mum and Dad were already out three or four nights a week “doing the clubs”.

In fact, they trod the boards for over 30 years, from Working Men’s Clubs to The London Palladium and then moving on to work on the world’s most luxurious cruise liner including no less than SIX world cruises!

In 1977, along with my sister Julie, we performed in my parents magic act on the SS Calypso for 9 straight months! Julie went into a ‘sword box’ and had 15 swords pushed through her… I came out of an empty box at the end of the act, dressed as a waiter carrying a tray of drinks… the highlight of the act! (well, that was my opinion anyway!)

SS Calypso

SS Calypso 1977

Paul Ray

Comedy Magic…

But I’ve followed a different route to my parents, preferring the comedy magic line of the entertainment world but always keeping the comedy “clean”.

I’ve been an entertainer now for over 30 years, and love to perform with my father, Geoff Ray, at big events doing close-up magic around the tables, both working separately, at opposite ends of the room, doing our very different styles around the dining tables.

At some events where we work together I’ll sometimes finish off the evening with a short half hour cabaret spot.

Paul Ray Magician

I’m a member of Equity, and have Public Liability Insurance for £10,000,000.

I was honoured to be the President of the British Ring of Magicians in 2015 – 2016 (pictured with my wife Jane)

My dad was President in 1991-1992, we are the first father and son to hold the honour in its 85 year history.

I’ve performed alongside Paul Daniels, Roy Hudd, Joe Longthorne, Mick Miller, Roy Walker , Andy Eastwood and Ken Dodd.

For over 30 years now, I’ve performed in theatres, Working Men’s clubs, hotels, corporate functions, dinner parties all over the country including my home county of Shropshire.

I’ve twice won the International Brotherhood of Magicians Best Comedy-Magician Stage Act Award; 1986 & 2006

As well as my comedy magic I also do hilarious vocal impressions of Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Neil Diamond, Billy Fury, Willie Nelson, The Big Bopper, John Lennon and Roy Orbison, not to mention The Bee Gees, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin! “Close your eyes and you would think it was them”!

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Geoff Ray – A Magician’s Magician

Geoff Ray Magician

Geoff is my Dad and in the magic world Geoff is known as “A magicians magician“. Put simply, magicians admire his skill, which he has constantly worked on and perfected for over 50 years.

Geoff is a well known and highly respected magician in the world of magic. He has been a magician for more years than he cares to remember, and has thrilled and fooled both magicians and public across the globe.

His earliest recollection of seeing his first magician, can actually be pin-pointed to a sunny day in July 1935, when he was exactly three years, eleven months and two weeks old (confirmed by checking the exact date with the local newspaper!)!

The name of the magician who left a burning impression on the young Geoff that day was ‘Dan Leano’ from Wrexham.

He even remembers the three tricks he did that day, Aerial fishing, razor blades from the mouth, and a break away vanish with two doves. This started his life-long interest in magic.

Geoff and his glamorous assistant, wife Patricia, began, as a lot of performers did, by performing in charity shows.

As they honed their act, they were soon able to charge fees, and were booked in clubs all around the Midlands.

They have won ‘The Midlands Club Speciality Act of The Year’ on no less than three occasions.

In 1963, they entered ‘The People National Talent Contest’, along with over 6000 other acts from all over the U.K. They came first, and won £1000 (a lot of money in 1963).

The same year they won another three major national awards in the Magic world. They went on to win the British Magic Manipulation Award no less than THREE times!

Striving to be different, Geoff taught himself to ride a Uni-Cycle so he could perform his manipulation act in a unique way in front of a magic audience on an one-only performance at the Pavilion Theatre in Llandudno. This was in 1967, and Geoff still has magicians mentioning it to him today!

Opportunity Knocks & The London Palladium

Geoff Ray and Pat came second on the national Television show Opportunity Knocks, which was regularly watched by 18 million viewers.

Television appearances have included; Nationwide, Club Cards, HTV, Blue Peter, Zokko, and 3 times on the Ken Dodd show. Welsh Television, Finnish, French and Spanish TV.

He has worked all of the rooms at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and was there for three whole months in 1978, it was here that he entertained Pricilla Presley.

Geoff Ray and Pat are also one of the privileged few magic acts to have ever performed on the world famous The London Palladium, they also performed with the Black & White Minstrals for 4 years.

It was the year 1977 when they started their long and happy association with the world’s most luxurious cruise liners, regularly being flown out to join ships as far as Australia, The Far East, South America and the Caribbean.  They also performed on no less than six World Cruises.

A Past President of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, he is also a founder member, and now Life President, of the Shropshire Magical Society.

Now semi-retired, but still going strong, he still performs regular corporate close-up shows. He performs all over Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Powys and all over the West Midlands.

Geoff has performed at the famous (amongst the world’s magicians) invitation-only event FFFF Convention in the USA. Known as The Four F’s (Fetchers Finger Fling Frolics!), this is attended by only the world’s top magicians, and Geoff now proudly wears the lapel badge wherever he goes.

He has been a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with a Gold Star since 1975. He has just returned from New York, where he was crowned a ‘Professor of Magic’!

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